four favorites – restaurant desserts (mke edition)


i seem to have dessert on my mind a lot lately, so for today’s list, i thought i’d showcase my favorite desserts out and about in milwaukee. behold, in no particular order:

chocolate peanut butter cake at beans & barley

pb choc cake & cherry pie

(with bonus cherry pie explosion in the background)

holy smokes, you guys, this cake is the greatest. i first learned about this cake when we held a vegan meetup at beans & barley, a billion years ago. i’d been going to beans for ages, but i had no idea they carried vegan desserts, because they never marked them as such. they have a rotating selection of desserts in the case every day, and they just print out a little card for the table with a list (along with the soups). it wouldn’t kill them to put a V next the vegan options, but for whatever reason they have never done that. eventually i learned that if you look in the case itself, their signage has a code: green signs are vegan. whew! i enjoy cheat sheets.

anyhow, this is a chocolate layer cake, with peanut butter buttercream frosting in between the layers and all around the outside. it is TO DIE. the only sad thing about this cake is that they put a wee coffee-flavored chocolate on the top of each slice, and i hate coffee, so it’s a waste of chocolate for me. luckily, erik likes coffee, so i always just hand it off to him.

red velvet cake at beans and barley

red velvet cake

i know, two desserts from the same place, but they both really are that good! their red velvet is as beautiful as it is tasty. the cake is amazing, the frosting is insanely good, and then they put adorable red sugar sprinkles all over the outside. so cute!

raspberry nebula ice cream at babe’s

ultimate oreo & raspberry nebula

okay, you probably saw this coming after my giant babe’s post earlier in the week… but can you blame me? all of their flavors are great, but raspberry nebula is my absolute favorite. black raspberry ice cream, raspberry ripple, chocolate flakes. yes please. i eat it so often that sometimes i have to force myself to order something else… but usually i can’t bear to go without, so then i’ll maybe just get a second scoop of a different flavor (like ultimate oreo here).

mexican chocolate cupcake at comet cafe

mexican chocolate cupper

comet cafe has tons and tons of vegan dessert options (both cupcakes and pies), which is so fabulous, but this is one of my very favorites. just the right amount of spice to get you going, and a mound of sweet frosting to offset that kick. it’s hard to tell from the picture but comet’s cupcakes are comically oversized, so i usually break them in half, and then divvy the frosting up so i have two mini-cuppers to work on.

who wants dessert?



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