saturday snacks – hummus & crackers


last weekend i talked about my intense attachment to chips & queso, but my runner-up for all-purpose snacking is definitely crackers & hummus. it’s such an easy thing to grab and eat in a hurry, and i use it as a tide-me-over snack pretty often at home. i have two “usuals” when it comes hummus & crackers, depending on where i’ve shopped. i give you:

hummus & crackers – the whole foods version

WF hummus & crackers

this is the standard version around here; your basic tahini hummus, with simple sesame rice crackers. i can’t remember why the heck i even tried these crackers in the first place… although if i had to guess, erik brought them home, i gave him the side-eye, and then i tried them with hummus and actually liked them a lot. i really like this hummus, too — it’s creamy and has a good flavor. i’ve tried several of the cedar’s flavors, but i always default to this one. don’t mess with a classic. but sometimes i want a special treat, so i have…

hummus & crackers – the trader joe’s version

TJs hummus & crackers

oh man, this hummus. i love it so. if i were talented, i would write a sonnet or something in tribute. it’s officially called tomato & basil hummus dip, but in our house we just call it “pizza hummus.” i can eat an entire tub if you don’t keep an eye on me, so i have to be a little careful with this stuff. my preferred vehicle for pizza hummus is the trader joe’s version of wheat thins. i like the back to nature iteration as well (crispy wheats!), but the TJ’s version is my go-to.

mid-afternoon snack and/or stand-in-for-lunch, ahoy!


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