sunday sharing – GF chocolate chip cookies


i mentioned last week that on the first day of school, i brought “something else” along with the s’mores cookies for my TAs’ birthday treats. well, i’m sure you’ve been on the edge of your seats in the interim, so i’m here to tell you what that something else was: gluten-free chocolate chip cookies! woo!

i’ve had a small team of TAs (usually 6-8 of them each year) since 2007, and i always bring home-baked vegan treats on their birthdays. last year, one of my TAs decided to try eating gluten-free, which threw me into a bit of a tailspin, because while i’m pretty comfortable with baking in general, i am relatively clueless about GF baking. in a word: yikes. anyhow, i’ve tried a couple of different recipes since she made the switch, and so far, so good. this year, i got another TA who eats gluten-free, so: double yikes.

as luck would have it, these two ladies both have birthdays in the first week of the semester, so i needed to be on my game right off the bat. i’d been wanting to try those s’mores cookies, so i used this treat day as an excuse to make them, but i also whipped up some GF cookies for the birthday girls.

i first discovered this recipe, from dreena burton’s vive le vegan, through amey at vegan eats & treats. she said it was her absolute favorite chocolate chip recipe, and that it was a snap to make, and when i saw her post i realized: (a) i had the book downstairs, and (b) i’d never tried that recipe before. so one night i got rambunctious and whipped up a batch, and amey’s right — they’re so great! the recipe makes 8-10 cookies, which is perfect if you don’t need (or want) 3 or 4 dozen cookies laying around, and they’re the perfect size and consistency. A+.

there are also instructions in the sidebar for how to make them gluten-free, and i made a mental note of that for TA treat days, since the original-formula cookies turned out so fantastic. i don’t have all of the exciting flours and xanthan gum and everything that most GF bakers have in their pantry, but i found a flour mix (from arrowhead mills) at the grocery store that you can sub 1:1 for regular flour in GF recipes, so i decided to give that a shot with dreena’s recipe.

the batter is noticeably different from the original recipe, and a little harder to work with — basically, it tries to reject the chocolate chips, pretty much constantly. so you make your clumps the best you can, and then grab some of the chips that are hanging out in the bottom of the bowl, and smush them on top of the cookies once they’re on the baking sheet. easy enough.

GF choc chip

when they’re done, they also look different from the original recipe (like, i’ve made one batch of each at the same time and you can absolutely tell the difference just by looking at them)… they seem a little puffier (and yet more dense) than the standard cookies. regardless, they look like chocolate chip cookies, har har.

GF choc chip

i’ve brought these for my TAs twice now, and both time everyone (not just the GF peeps) has eaten them, and they absolutely love them. one of the GF girlies even said it was her favorite GF cookie she’s ever eaten, so that seems like a pretty good endorsement! these are definitely worth checking out if you need a simple GF chocolate chip cookie in your life. i’ve had great luck with them!



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