hometown tuesdays – ian’s pizza


okay, so i’ve blogged about ian’s once before, last year during mofo, in an epic post about us eating pizza constantly. but today they’re getting their very own post, so they can shine like the pizza-flavored diamond they are.

ian’s is relatively new in milwaukee (just a few years old), and they have been SO awesome for our vegan pizza scene. they offer “weird” slices (i say that with love) like mac & cheese, lasagna, guacamole burrito… you get the idea. very early on, we learned that they were holding a “vegan night” on tuesdays, and we wandered over to check them out. they have tons of pizzas out, and you just choose the slice(s) you want and they pop it in the oven to finish cooking it… presto! vegan pizza in a snap! here’s their vegan lasagna pizza, from back in the day:

vegan slices at ian's

i was beside myself with excitement upon discovering vegan mac & cheese pizza, and on my one million trips to ian’s, i’ve purchased a slice of mac & cheese about 99% of the time. i can’t help myself; it’s just too good to pass up. my other faaaavorite of theirs is the vegan guacamole burrito slice, which: black beans, guacamole, rice, vegan cheese, red onions, vegan sour cream drizzle. THE BOMB. they don’t offer it all the time, so i have to wait until it’s the slice of the month, and then pounce as many times as possible in that month.

ian's guacamole burrito

anyhow, over time they’ve continued to expand their vegan offerings, and they never disappoint. they have a vegan bbq chik’n slice, a cheesy potato slice, a chorizo sweet potato slice… seriously, so many options! “vegan tuesday nights” have expanded to “vegan all-day tuesdays” at our east side location, plus they added vegan sundays (woo!), and the other location downtown has vegan thursdays. on those days you can wander in and choose from vegan slices at-the-ready, but you can also order a whole vegan pizza any day of the week. and they deliver!

tonight we decided to hit up vegan tuesdays and we swung through for a pile of slices. i got mac & cheese (obvs) and the hurley (so named for andy hurley, of fall out boy, who is vegan and frequents our ian’s location whenever he’s home), which has upton’s sausage and yves pepperoni:

ian's mac + hurley

…and erik got two slices of the hurley, plus one slice of the vegan smokey the bandit (chik’n, bbq sauce, vegan ranch):

ian's smokey + hurley

then we came home and, as is our custom, ate our pizza while watching new girl and the mindy project. so, so good! thanks for being awesome to vegans, ian’s!



  1. I would always, always get one slice of the mac & cheese! I always get super jealous when I hear talk of this place on Twitter, I love the idea of vegan Tuesdays. I really have to visit one day and I’m gonna eat A LOT of pizza!

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