wanderlust wednesdays – chicago diner flautas


i liked last week’s exercise for wanderlust wednesdays (if i could be magicked somewhere right now, where would i go and what would i eat?), so i’m doing it again. today i’m picking a closer city — chicago — and a perhaps unconventional dish. i know chicago diner is known for their vegan wings and their vegan reuben and all of that is well and good, but… i am a sucker for their flautas. i’ve had them at least twice, because i’ve photographed them twice… but there might have been a third indulgence somewhere in there. anyhow, i first tried them on an evening trip after spending the day at chicago vegan mania:

chicago diner flautas

and they were insanely good. when i eat flautas, i tend to cut them up and then swirl everything together in a delicious-yet-gross-looking mess, and just go to town. beans and guac and cheesy sauce and crispy flauta shells and a little bit of sour cream? heaven. i was pretty sure they were a “sometimes thing” on the menu, so i kept thinking about how i was going to get back and eat them again, and eventually i got my chance:

chicago diner flautas

and they were as insanely good as i’d remembered! i just looked at their menu, and i’m not seeing flautas anymore, which is pretty sad… and it’s making me want them even more. boo! they do have vegan baja fish tacos on the menu right now, though, so those would probably be a good consolation prize. we definitely need to get back down there; it’s been too long.



  1. Those look great. Obviously I went for the reuben when I was at Chicago Diner! I also went there for brunch which was all kinds of amazing, their muffins are great too. I wish Chicago was nearer!!

    1. i know, i have no excuse! it’s such an easy trip for us, but we don’t get there nearly enough. i have only been to the diner for brunch once or twice in my life, and that is a terrible tragedy.

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