throwback thursdays – peppermint chocolate vitasoy


i toyed with the idea of making the entirety of this post just a gigantic *sob* and just leaving it at that… but then i decided i’d whine a little bit, lucky you!

i found the blog post i wrote when i first discovered that peppermint chocolate vitasoy had been invented, and i also found the blog post i wrote after i first tasted it… ah, 2006. it was a simpler time. i am a huge sucker for chocolate and mint together, and this seasonal soymilk was so, so, so delicious. i looked forward to it all year long, and i hoarded boxes so i could keep drinking it all winter.

then, a few years later, everything changed. rumors swirled about vitasoy no longer carrying the peppermint chocolate in the US, and unfortunately they were true. our canadian besties were still able to indulge, but we were out of luck. cue rending of garments.

at one point i visited some dear friends in the PNW, and they had an extra hoarded box that they were saving Just! For! Me! and i was pretty much beside myself. we had a lovely vacation, we gave the peppermint chocolate vitasoy a place of honor on the mantle, and… then i accidentally left it there. nooooooo!

there have been a couple alternatives (westsoy, silk) on the market since the great crisis, but to be honest i’m not super crazy about either of them. westsoy’s version isn’t bad, but it’s just not the same. i drink it sometimes, and then get sad because it’s not the vitasoy. womp womp.


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