sunday sharing – speculoos frosted cupcakes


cupcakes! who doesn’t love ’em? i know they got amazingly popular a few years back, so now they’re probably past their prime or something… but to be honest i still consider them a go-to dessert when i’m feeding other people. they’re delicious, they’re easier to serve than cake, and they’re so adorable! i came into my own as a cupcake-bringer when vegan cupcakes take over the world came out, and i never looked back… so, thanks isa and terry! ❤

my most recent batch of cupcakes was a slight twist on a recipe in their book. i made the basic chocolate cupcake, and then used the peanut butter buttercream recipe to make speculoos (aka biscoff, aka cookie butter) buttercream frosting. (in case it’s not obvious: i just substituted speculoos for the peanut butter.) zomg, y’all.

speculoos frosted

i packed these into my double-decker cupcake carrier, took them to a family birthday party, and they went over really well. just looking at the pictures again makes me wish i had more. looking at the pictures also makes me realize that i’ve still never learned to make pretty cupcakes. must learn to use pastry bag and tips, for real.

speculoos frosted

in eight years (i can’t believe it’s been out that long!), i have never had a recipe from VCTOTW go wrong. my all-time personal favorite of theirs is the pumpkin chocolate chip recipe, and i’m extremely stoked that it’s finally pumpkin season again. they will be my next batch of cupcakes, for sure.



  1. Wow. The speculoos frosting is genius. I will have to give it a try. I am also a staunch proponent of the cupcake carrier. Trendy or not, people are always delighted by double decker cupcakes.

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