vida vegan con, atx edition – thursday

all righty, well that attempt at blogging all weekend was certainly a bust. i feel like i hit the ground running as soon as i landed in austin, and i didn’t really have any true down time until i was on the plane back home. whew! if you follow me on instagram, you’ve at least seen a glimpse of the delicious food i was stuffing in my face on the regular.

to try to make up for lack of posting, i’m going to do a series of posts with a quick run-down of how each day went. let’s start with:


i landed in austin about an hour late, nabbed my rental car, and made my way to the meet & greet. i arrived just as it was technically ending, but there were still several enthusiastic VVC attendees buzzing around, and i got to reconnect with old friends, plus meet a few people i’ve known online for years, which is always one of my very favorite things. right around this same time, my milwaukee friends arrived in town (by car), so we made plans to meet up for dinner. i braved rush hour on I-35 (so heroic!) to get to my hotel, checked in, and then turned around and left almost immediately to meet colleen & ricky at bouldin creek cafe. if you’ve read my blog for any length of time you already know it’s my absolute favorite place, and i wanted to make sure i’d end up there at least once this weekend. (and i’m really glad i did that, because it was the only trip i was able to squeeze in.) i had what i always have, the el tipico with tofu scramble.

el tipico

colleen ordered the vegan oven cake breakfast (that blueberry cornbread!), and ricky chose a couple of tacos from bouldin’s vegan selection. everything was super-delicious, as per usual.

we briefly entertained the idea of walking to bananarchy for dessert, but in the end we decided we were full and tired, and we headed back to our hotels. meanwhile, i learned that mishka’s flight had been delayed, and she might not make it into town on friday morning as planned. boo!

end-of-day cumulative austin taco count: 2


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