the first day of mofo is here, and it fittingly begins with a breakfast prompt. i originally planned to do my post on instagram today, but then two things happened: 1. i ate my breakfast before i remembered to take a picture, and 2. i realized that my photo would probably not be anything earth-shattering, because i eat super-boring breakfasts. so, instead i’m bringing it to the blog to tell you about my important breakfast elements:

cereal! i have always been a cereal person, and until very recently i’ve always been a sweet cereal person. last year during mofo i blogged about my affection for cocoa snapz, and those are still in the rotation, but lately i’ve been on a very grownup kick, and i’ve been eating flax flakes, of all things. i like them and i feel healthy when i eat them. my preferred milk for the past several years has been almond milk, although i’m considering a switch to soy milk for more protein. back in the good old days, i incorporated a cup of whole soy yogurt in there, but you all know how that turned out.

water! i always try to start the day with a big ol’ glass of water. i have an awesome 20 oz mason jar (trying to link to my instagram… no idea if that will work) from meaningful paws that i’ve been using lately. i drink at least 64 oz every day, and this glass helps me get there.

peanut butter! this is an important ingredient for the early portion of my day. sometimes i have peanut butter on a slice of multigrain toast, and sometimes i have peanut butter on a banana… and SOMETIMES i have a sliced banana ON peanut butter toast. on mornings when i work out, i have cereal first, hit the elliptical, and then come back upstairs for breakfast, part 2: the peanut buttering. it’s all very scientific.

and there you have it! my super-boring everyday breakfast. happy mofo!



  1. My Instagram and blog post was all about my regular breakfasts, no fancy stuff for me either. But that is OK, most days you just need breakfast to be easy and straightforward.
    The peanut buttering… Hee hee. Peanut butter is an important part of everyday!

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