the sandwich (est. 2007)

okay y’all, i just spent an embarrassing amount of time (30-45 minutes) searching the bowels of the internet, digging around in the archives of a vegan discussion board that doesn’t exist anymore, scouring all the land for a post i made about The Sandwich. today’s mofo prompt is “best sandwich ever,” and i just knew i had to find that stupid post.

and finally, at long last, i found it! i originally wrote the post (and ate The Sandwich) on july 12, 2007. i ate another one later that same month, but i believe we haven’t recreated it since, which is a travesty. i think eight years is enough, don’t you? i’m going to put in a special request with erik. meanwhile, allow me to share with you the silly post i wrote, lo those many years ago:

last night h-dawg made me dinner and i didn’t really know what i was eating until i ate it. after one or two bites i was all  omg omg  and asked him what all was on it. it was so simple, but SOOO good. i loved it so much i practically had tears in my eyes. after i was done i told him i would eat a second one instantly if i had room in my tummy. right before bed (an hour or so later) he mentioned The Sandwich again and i swear to god, my stomach growled.

The Sandwich:
avocado (chunks?)
romaine lettuce
minced red onions
(+ tomato on hubbydawg’s)
all on toasted bread that was “grilled” in a frying pan with spritzes of olive oil


*fainty guy*

(it was a little emoticon-heavy. don’t judge. also, ‘h-dawg’ obviously was short for hubbydawg, which was everyone’s code name for erik. because i was bluedawg. you understand.)

aaanyway, this sandwich was the bomb. and i like tomatoes now (i’m all growed up!) so i’d even try that version willingly. let’s start a petition to see if erik will make me another one?




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