about me, about this blog

i’m a professor who studies interpersonal communication… basically, i do research on and teach courses about personal relationships, especially close relationships. i really love it. 

i’m married to another professor, and we are raising two cats, avery and finley, and a retired racing greyhound, maia.

random facts: i’m vegan. i volunteer at the humane society. i have a very goofy sense of humor. i watch a fair amount of teevy, and i friggin’ love chai. i hate it when people take themselves too seriously. i laugh and sneeze loudly. lip balm is my friend.

if you are still reading and want to see what this blog was about when i first started it, check out this post from february 2005 (hover for the hyperlink).

or if you just want the short version of why vegan chai? well, here’s the excerpt: i decided to name the blog vegan chai because it is something that makes me very happy. i am someone who has never liked coffee or tea or iced tea or any of those things i call “grownup drinks.” i discovered chai several years ago and i couldn’t believe how much i loved it. i preached the wonder of chai to anyone who would listen, and i have shown a lot of people the light along the way. yay me! yay chai! anyway, when i first went vegan, i tried to make my old standard (oregon chai concentrate in “organic original”) with soymilk, and was tha-rilled to find out that it was completely delicious. it was the first of many pleasant surprises in my transition to veganism. aww.



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